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"We recycle and return everything to green."

We believe nature helps us to tune in to our own language and so we concern greatly for environment. For ensuring SAFE environment, our ETP plant is our commitment to the green.



 Test Report -2015






Screening arrangement are invariable needed prior to treatment plant. Screening are divided two types in general. Sues as (i) Coarse Screen (ii) Fine Screen.


Course Screen keeping Jute, Poly, Wood, and Bamboo etc.


Fine Screen keeping mini dust, Yarn little solid etc.


Equalization tank

All the various effluent collected equalization tank by gravity flow. A set of pump is installed with level sensor for pumping in equalization tank. Quality and quantity of wastewater discharge during the day are not constant. The bottom of the equalization tank is mounted with air blower to cool. Equalize, neutralize effluent and no settle sedimentation. The top of the waste water is take with a spray, reduce the temperature of waste water. Hcl/H2SO4 adding in this tank to minimized the pH level, which is very important for biological process. In the equalization tank, pH level is keeping 7.5 to 8 PPM. Effluent transfer flush mixture tank by sensor type submersible pump.


Flush mixture

Physo Chemical mixing First stage De-coloring agent dosing manually. An agitator mix effluent with De-coloring for color separate second stage anionic polymer dosing manually an agitator mix color separate water and make flock. Solid pant and liquid pant with go clarifier 01 by gravity.


Clarifier 01

After mixing the chemical solid and liquid pant with be separated. Due to gravitational action solid part settled on the ground floor. Sludge will be collected from the bottom of the vertical clarifier 01. Tube pack used to settle the sludge. The over flow water go to aeration tank by gravitationally.


Aeration tank

Biological is the heart of the plant. The oxidation tank for all transforming phenomena of pollution, contained in the wastewater takes please to bacteria and microorganism.


Bacteria in the course of their life they grow and multiply they salve. This is possible through two process the energetic and the synthesis one. In the wastewater treatment plant, both are used



The oxidation of a plant of the organic substance furnishes energy, utility the remaining part is used as feeding substance.


In the synthesis process the polluted materials removed continue new organic matter of bacteria, while with the energetic process are obtained stabilized final materials such as H2O,CO2, NO2 etc.


Therefore, the oxygen supply has a big importance for the bacteria and for the transforming process.


The best way to supply oxygen inside the tank on the bottom of aeration, Air will be injected by air blower and fine bubble membrane diffusers.


For survival of bacteria, we consistantly maintaining:

D.O level 6 mg/L

Temperature below 320c and

pH level 7.5-8


Secondary clarifier/Sedimentation tank

The aerated miniature water will go clarifier 02 by gravity. The clarifier 02 is a tank that is particular condition of vertical, Quietness. Allows the settlement of the sludge flock, clear water and bacteria part between good separation on this tank. clarified water will go chlorination tank by gravity.


Chlorination tank/Treated tank

Chlorination tank for ETP last stage. It made by concrete part by part many chamber. Chamber quality upper flow and down stow system. In the tank (CL) dosing because of vanish odor bacteria part T-coli form, F-coli form (Worms and insects).


The treated water finally discharges in the fresh drain line.





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