GMS Composite Knitting Ind. Ltd.

About Us

Bangladesh has traversed a long path since its independence. After the birth of the nation, Bangladesh has been struggling with its various potentialities. We believe the late nineties to be a time of rapidly expanding and forming a competitive world of Ready-Made Garments. In indentifying opportunities, we focused on the industry, which the country needs most in order to improve the living standard of the people and progress ahead. With such a vision we have added a new name to our industry GMS COMPOSITE KNITTING IND. LTD. It started in 1999 and successfully went for production in 2000.


GMS COMPOSITE KNITTING IND. LTD, an entirely integrated and independent unit, comprises of state-of-the-art composite knitting, dyeing, finishing and stitching units under one roof. Our modern facilities along with our professional and dedicate team have made us what we are today – renowned and reliable exporters of quality knitted fabrics across the globe.








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