GMS Composite Knitting Ind. Ltd.

Mission & Vision

GMS Composite Knitting Ind. Ltd. Has been established with a definite mission to add a new dimension in the business and industry of the country. Its vision is to make a remarkable contribution to the industrialization of the country, making significant contribution to the national economy by earning foreign currency.


Our mission to enter into the arena of large industry has been backed by creation of job opportunities, earning of foreign currency and living scope. Our vision is set for future industrial development keeping pace with globalization.


GMS Composite Knitting Ind. Ltd. Is committed to rapid industrial growth of the country. With this end in view, we have the aim to cover all industrial sectors with the lead role for full-fledged industrial development of the country and to be one of the leading exporters and suppliers of the garments in Bangladesh maintain world class standard. The creation and expansion of businesses is critical to Bangladesh's development-business, which are developed and run by Bangladeshis, businesses that develop technologies and practices specific to the needs of the country.






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