GMS Composite Knitting Ind. Ltd.


  • 100% export oriented composite knit Industry
  • 35 Ton Dyeing and Knitting of fabrics and 90,000 pcs high quality knit garments per day using 60 lines of machineries
  • 480,000 sft Factory, 162,000 sft Warehouse, 50,000 sft Canteen and 30,000 sft Office
  • Knitting equipped with world famous Mayer & Cie machines with the latest technology of Germany, Fukahama from Taiwan, UNITEX from Singapore & Pailung from Taiwan
  • Dyeing section equipped with Computerized High Temperature Dyeing machine
  • Computerized Steaming & Compacting Calendar machine with the State of the art FAB-CON & Tube Tex from USA\
  • Ozon (O3) Wash machine from Turkey
  • Yarn Dyeing is the new attachment of this company. It’s collection includes GALVANIN and KTM high temperature Dyeing Machines (Sample and bulk), Hydro-extractor and steam Dryer from Italy
  • Lab Dyeing Machine Galvanin & Pyrotec 2000 Sexier from Italy & UK.
  • Printing & Embroidery Section equipped with latest model print machine complete with fabric print
  • Embroidery is the new attachment of this company. Its collection includes SUN STAR Machine Model No. SB SERIES from Korea
  • Garments Section equipped with latest model Japanese JUKI, BROTHERS & PEGASUS Sewing Machine complete with fabric Trimmer, Suction Device etc
  • Conveyer type Metal Detector machine to prevent the presence of any broken needle in the garments.
  • Professional lighting and safe electrical wiring by Bus-bar Tranking system from France.
  • In process quality control by well trained inspectors as well as final audit system.
  • Own Work Study team evaluating the productivity and efficiency of assembly operations.
  • Ergonomically designed Cutting, Sewing & Finishing floor.
  • Full-fledged sample room for sample & product development
  • Laboratory equipped with Macbeth & Data colors spectrophotometer from USA with High Temperature and Atmospheric Programmable Laboratory dyeing machine from Roaches.
  • Air Compressor with dryer and moisture separator by Atlas Capco from Belgium and BOGE from Germany.
  • Water Treatment Plant to provide soft & iron free water for dyeing.
  • Modern Effluent Treatment Plant ensuring safe environment.
  • Self-sufficient power generation from Gas Generator for continuous and steady power supply by Caterpillar from USA.   as well as Diesel by Caterpillar from USA.
  • Cleaver-Brooks boiler from USA for sufficient steam generation for dyeing machines both gas and oil fired.



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