Sustainability Management

GMS Composite Knitting Ltd. is one of the largest knitwear exporters in Bangladesh. The company is the heist taxpayer in garments sector.

Good Governance

The core objective of pursuing good governance within GMS is to act on behalf of the society in order to contribute to the society. The three pillars of corporate governance at GMS are transparency, accountability, and security. The objective of corporate governance at GMS is to maintain professional relationships among the stakeholders. Ensuring ethical business practice throughout its value chain is the corporate culture of GMS.

Operational Sustainability

GMS has methodic approach to Operational Sustainability. The company requires obtaining sustainability to ecological, social, and economic resources in order to attain operational efficiency.

Safety and Health Management

One of the most effective ways through which GMS reduce workplace hazards and injuries is through a comprehensive and proactive safety and health management system. The company defines the system as a collaborative process to find and fix workplace hazards before employees are injured or become ill. The company’s occupational safety and health programs include worksite analysis, hazard prevention and control, and safety and health training

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Social and environmental responsibility at GMS is taken into consideration with great importance. The company operates in a way that protects the environment: The company tends to evaluate its environmental responsibility before investing in its stock.

Quality Management

GMS includes quality planning, quality assurance, quality control, and quality improvement in its Quality management System (QMS). The company ensures client focus, adapt process approach to business operations, and initiate quality improvement.

Environmental Management

GMS undertakes environment protection measures in a comprehensive, systematic, planned, and documented manner. Its Environment Management System (EMS) includes processes and practices that enable GMS to reduce negative environmental impacts of its operations and increase its operating efficiency.

Gender Equality

GMS ensures equal opportunity to all. The company ensures that its women employees are treated fairly at their workplace. GMS adopts an inclusive culture to enable women workers to fully participate in the growth process and develop to their full potential.